Media Coverage March 2020

Covid-19 crisis: At 32 per million, India lagging far behind on testing


You’re WFH, but are you Working out From Home?

Coronavirus: India's packed prisons raise Covid-19 alarm

How long Coronavirus survives on surfaces like Wood, Pastic, Glass… Check entire list here

Steps Against Coronavirus Spread by Padma Shri Awardee Dr. K K Aggarwal

Flattening the curves

Why Italy is hardest hit by Covid-19: ‘Social Contact Matrix’ may be the reason

India accused of not releasing right numbers of death rate estimate

Social distancing: India fights coronavirus but its overcrowded jails remain highly vulnerable

Covid-19: The bitter truth about using hydroxychloroquine as a preventive drug | India Today Insight

‘Experimental’ drug that failed to cure ebola is now world’s best shot against COVID-19

‘Experimental’ drug that failed to get rid of ebola is now world’s best shot against COVID-19: Gptechdaily

‘Stranded, facing eviction’ — doctors, air hostesses harassed over coronavirus fear

Malaria Ki Dawa Se Coroa Ke Elaz Ka Dava Thik Nahi 

Cardiologist Dr. K. K. Aggarwal lists ways to sanitize

#coronavirus: क्या कोरोना के लिए दस सेकंड का ‘सेल्फ चेक’ सही है ?

Here’s how to thank corona docs: Follow all the precautions while in their presence


‘Patient Zero could have helped trace exact origin of coronavirus’

Corona And Punishment

Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin in COVID 19 should be immediately approved for COVID treatment

Testing Times

Life in the time of corona

‘Main prevention method is to frequently wash your hands’: Your COVID-19 queries answered

Airports in Stage 2 and Hospitals in Stage 3 are hotspots for infection?

Are You Suffering From Cold, Flu Or Coronavirus? Doctors Explain How To Spot The Difference

Coronavirus: Follow govt instructions or go to jail! There are enough laws

Doctors Speak: Most commonly asked questions about Coronavirus

COVID 19: Symptomatic cases testing or asymptomatic cases testing

Managing heart attack and dialysis in COVID-19 patients

Can alum be effective in fighting corona? Know the opinion of experts

Coronavirus epidemic: Whenever people gather, there are opportunities to spread germs

India’s Coronavirus Mystery

Corona Ke Dar Se Manshik Tanav Badhne Ka Kharta

Coronavirus Q&A: Your top coronavirus questions answered

Keep calm and take precautions

India Was Alerted On The First Death Due To Corona In The World – India was alerted on the primary dying from Corona on the planet, these orders had been acquired within the first three days

How To Fight Coronavirus: Doctor Answers Queries About COVID-19

Coronavirus: Dr KK Aggarwal suggests novel ideas to fight COVID-19

Coronavirus epidemic: Dr KK Aggarwal suggests guidelines for paramedics, health professionals

COVID-19: A lowdown on Do’s & Don’ts of Coronavirus disease

COVID Medtalks: Test, test, test. Test every suspected case

MahaDebate: Bade Level Pe Testing Se Rukega Virus Ya Felega Panic

The former IMA president answers our coronavirus questions

Should we allow all below 40 to get the infection as a part of herd immunity plan?

Infected people without symptoms might be driving the spread of coronavirus more than we realized?

Deadbody Se Nahi Felta Hai Corona Virus: AIIMS

Corona Se Niptane Ke Liye Mask KaSafe Niptaan Bhi Jaruri

Coronavirus | Social distancing key to containing COVID-19, say experts

Corona Ka ek aur mamla aaya samne

Watch | Your COVID-19 queries answered

‘Heat is not a deterrent for transmission’: Your COVID-19 queries answered

Safe disposal of used face masks is essential to prevent spread of Coronavirus

Delhi me admit sahi patient stale jaipur wale ki condition a kharab

Busting myths and taking precautions imperative to ward off the new coronavirus

Busting myths and taking precautions imperative to ward off the new coronavirus

COVID 19 should disappear in April- May

What patients of diabetes, asthma need to do to stay safe from COVID-19

Be alert: Doctors say coronavirus is at the 'doubling effect' stage in India

Mugalate me a rahe ! Alcohol pie se nhi marta corona virus

Coronavirus outbreak: Cleaning of metro an ..

Ansal University hosts Respiratory Hygiene Workshop

Alcohol protects from coronavirus myth or reality

Coronavirus Outbreak: Six burning FAQs about COVID-19 which will help you prevent the deadly disease

Covid-19: Face masks rate douled in Vizag

Feeling 'app'reciated

Coronavirus: India's ruling party hands out Modi-branded face masks to 'save people' from disease

Coronavirus scare in Kolkata: Supply gap push up mutton cost to Rs 700

Will India’s warm, humid weather contain the coronavirus spread? It’s too early to say

The Latest on Coronavirus Cases in India

Goodbye, handshake. Hello, elbow bump? Greetings to avoid during the coronavirus outbreak

Is India's Hot Weather Keeping Coronavirus at Bay? Experts Conflicted

The face of the Coronavirus: Face Mask

Coronavirus: सफदरजंग में 40 संदिग्ध, विशेषज्ञ बोले- तीन फीट दूर से करें नमस्ते

Only 1 in 10 people with rare diseases receive targeted treatment in India, say experts










































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